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Eric Schechter | Co-Founder, VP of Marketing at GiddyUp

Michael is an exceptional copywriter and a true master of his craft. His deep understanding of consumer psychology and Direct Response makes him a lethal weapon for any business looking to get their prospects and/or customers to take action.


Above all though, it's Michael's positive attitude, humility, leadership and determination that truly sets him apart from the pack. Any business would be lucky to have Michael on their team because they will immediately unlock new opportunities and an increase to their bottom line.


Taylor Davis | Sr. Strategist at BrandGlue

Michael has been an absolute joy to work with during our time at GiddyUp. Whatever Michael was responsible for, I knew it would get done with a thoroughness of thought and careful execution. He is highly talented at his craft, and I can personally attest to his specific project contributions having six- and seven-figure revenue impact.


He can navigate data to find the key insight with ease, but more important he actually takes those data points to craft a better marketing message. It's an incredible bonus that someone so talented is also such a delight with whom to work. It is without hesitation that I recommend Michael Pilolla. Any team would be lucky to have him. 


Justin Perlman | Sr. Partner Manager at GiddyUp

Michael has a unique intuition for creating and developing creative strategy, no matter what campaign, product, or pitch. He's methodical and precise, always takes the time to fully understand the scope of the project. It's this attention to detail that makes him such a valuable asset. No detail is missed! I have personally gained a ton of insight from his knowledge of inbound marketing. This is such a critical part of the sales formula, and he certainly has this down.


Lastly, I've always been impressed with Michael's ability to capture the essence of the target market and speak to the audience. The ability to connect with the end-user and have them resonate with the products is so important. Michael, without question, gets this piece too. In summary, his knowledge, skills, and abilities encapsulate a marketing professional. He'd make a valuable addition to any marketing team in just about any marketing role!


Odette Rivera | Creative Strategist at GiddyUp

Michael is an excellent conversion copywriter, marketer, and strategist and during our time at GiddyUp, he became an excellent friend. Michael throws his all into anything and everything he's asked to do and no matter what, I knew I could count on him to be thoughtful, thorough, and incredibly insightful.


Anyone who works with Michael has the benefit of getting so many valuable skillsets rolled into one person!


First and foremost, Michael is a data-driven marketer which informs all of his work - from big-picture concepts down to word choice on an ad. On top of all that, he's a joy to bounce ideas off of and work with. Often, I would go to Michael with a complex issue and leave our meeting with the issue solved and a smile on my face. I recommend Michael wholeheartedly and I think any team would benefit from having him.


Em Blattner | Team Manager, Client Success at GiddyUp

Michael is an exceptional conversion copywriter and marketing strategist who has mastered his craft. He is one of the best direct response strategists I have worked with over the past 4+ years; who has the unique ability of conceptualizing ideas that speak to different target markets.


Michael’s willingness and passion to continuously learn new strategies, skills, and tools is admirable and impressive. But perhaps what I appreciate most about Michael is his team minded approach to everything he does. He is an excellent cross-functional collaborator who works seamlessly with others. He is reliable, honest, and very hard working.


While at GiddyUp, his impact extended far beyond his own area because he took pride in his work and the betterment of the greater team. I assure you that there isn’t a single person at GiddyUp he didn’t have a positive impact on - personally or professionally. Michael will make a valuable contribution to any organization that is lucky enough to work with him!


Rai Masuda | Senior Strategist at BrandGlue

Michael is one of the smartest people I've had the pleasure of working with. He's a phenomenal strategist who takes a very pragmatic approach to his work. He's open to new ideas and approaches and is always looking to deliver the best product for his clients.


I've enjoyed every project I've worked with him on and he's been instrumental in my growth as a professional. We worked closely on two products that ended up scaling to hundreds of orders a day and many other optimizations that led to increased conversion and margin for our company.


He's also a great leader. Any time I struggled he was there to help me out. If it wasn't for him I would have likely gone elsewhere and missed out on a lot of the great times we've had since. I highly recommend Michael. He's a great person and I really enjoy working with him.


Heather Lloyd-Martin | CEO of Success Works & Founder of SEO Content Institute

The first thing that impressed me about Michael is his energy. He is filled with great ideas and is truly invested in his clients' success. Michael doesn't just "write copy." He goes beyond the assignment and brainstorms how to gain better results.


Michael is also an excellent writer. Part of this is because he takes the time to learn everything he can about his clients and their target customer. He's also just a darn good writer, too. His hands-on approach helps him write spot-on content that truly resonates with the reader.


Plus, he understands analytics and how to use data to make his writing even better. Not every writer has that skill and it's an excellent one to have.


I would highly recommend hiring Michael as a digital marketing strategist and/or content writer. He'll take good care of you.


Kirk Richardson | Writer/Marketer for Trade and Professional Assoc.

I've had the good fortune to work with Michael Pilolla on a web site and a few other projects and have found him to be a dependable professional. Not only is Michael a talented content creator, but his ability to weave in SEO-strategy is rare. He sees things that others just simply miss; the little things that can have a big impact on web site traffic and, ultimately, lead generation.


Michael brings passion to his work that keeps him energized, often into the evening hours. He cares about his marketing projects, and that is reflected in his unbending commitment to those he works with (read: "team player") and the quality of the end products that he delivers. I'd recommend him to anyone seeking a full-time marketing employee or outsource resource for SEO/web content/marketing copy. Michael would be a tremendous asset to any marketing team/department.


Laura Wallis | Online Marketing Consultant

My company achieved its online presence goals with Michael's expertise by over 14% in 2013. Michael always delivers exceptional, result-focused content and provides ROI focused strategy.


His additional insights regarding our marketing objectives and initiatives has alway proven invaluable. Highly recommend Michael to any company looking to optimize their online presence via forward thinking marketing tactics and strategy.

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